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Do you have to close the windows and doors when you turn on the range hood?

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2022-08-25 17:56

Are the doors and windows closed?

  When using the range hood on weekdays, if the kitchen windows and doors are not closed, the air in the room will form convection, so that when it is difficult for the range hood to suck up the cooking fumes in the kitchen. Run to another room.

  If your home is an open kitchen it is best to close the windows and leave a little gap , so as to prevent the air from forming convection and the oil smoke running all over the house. In addition, after the oil fume is absorbed by cotton items, the smell cannot be dissipated for a long time, so it is best to close the doors and windows when cooking.

  If the doors and windows are closed a negative pressure area will be formed in the kitchen, the suction of the range hood will become smaller , and the noise will become larger .

  Therefore, it is recommended that the doors and windows can be kept closed, but the windows should leave a gap to ensure the normal flow of air, so that the range hood can work better.


Do you turn off the cooker hood immediately after cooking ?

The answer is: no!

  Many people are accustomed to turning off the range hood as soon as the food is cooked. In fact, this is not acceptable. After all the oil fumes have not dissipated just after cooking. 

  Although the range hood will consume some electricity, if it is turned off immediately, the remaining oil fume in the kitchen will not be sucked away, making the kitchen easily greasy.

  In addition, when we use gas stoves and gas stoves in the kitchen, harmful gases such as carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide will be generated. Long-term inhalation of the human body will damage the heart and lung function to a certain extent. 

  Therefore, after we finish cooking, do not turn off the range hood immediately, it is better to let the range hood continue to work for a few minutes, wait for the fumes to dissipate, and extract all these gases to reduce air pollution in the kitchen. Healthy and safe life, happy and happy growth! Guangdong Heyong Electric Co., Ltd. is with you!

Guangdong Heyong Electric Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of range hoods, built -in cookers , disinfection cabinets , electric steamers, electric ovens , dishwashers, integrated stoves and other products. Welcome to purchase online or inquire!

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