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Is there any reason not to choose an integrated stove?

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2022-08-25 17:56

  Integrated stove, also known as environmental protection stove or integrated environmental protection stove in the industry , integrated stove is a kitchen appliance that integrates various functions such as range hood, gas stove, disinfection cabinet, storage cabinet, etc. Low consumption and environmental protection good smoke extraction effect, etc.

The integrated stove is mainly relative to the traditional three-piece set (ie range hood, stove, disinfection cabinet). The oil fume of the integrated stove does not pass through the person's face, and the human respiratory system will not be damaged by the oil fume. The oil fume absorption rate basically reaches more than 95%, which saves space, does not meet, and does not leak oil, and the design is more ergonomic. The oil absorption rate of general integrated stoves reaches 95%. The higher the oil fume absorption rate, the better the quality .



Advantages of integrated cooktops



Highly integrated

The integrated stove perfectly integrates the functions of range hood, gas stove, disinfection cabinet, storage cabinet, microcrystalline stove, induction cooker, etc. Efficiency, fully intelligent control of human-computer interaction operation interface, truly realize the requirements of people's pursuit of green and environmentally friendly high-end kitchen electrical products.


High smoke rate

The oil fume absorption rate of the integrated stove is more than 95%. Using the principle of micro-aerodynamics, the pollution source and the external environment are two-way isolated, so that the oil fume and steam can be kept in the future without affecting the operation line of sight and the human breathing route. It can be effectively eliminated before diffusion, and you can't smell the soy smell even while frying the peppers, giving you a neat and clean kitchen environment.

However, some traditional kitchen equipment has a long distance of oil fume circulation, and the oil fume diffuses seriously. During the rising process, a large part of the oil fume diffuses into the room, causing the kitchen walls and items to be full of grease and dirt, and the kitchen hygiene work has become a tedious task.


Comprehensive upgrade of safety performance

The integrated stove circuit intelligent protection device can automatically cut off the gas source after the flame is turned off, automatically cut off the power supply when there is leakage, automatically detect gas leakage, and have a regular reminder function, with a high safety guarantee factor .

However, the traditional cooker is easy to turn over and cause accidents if it is used carelessly. The elderly and children are more dangerous to use, and the safety guarantee function is poor. Once the gas leaks, the consequences are unimaginable.


Smart Operating System

Intelligent control, organically combining gas stoves, range hoods, disinfection cabinets, etc. according to people's usual usage patterns, and microcomputer control is simple and convenient to operate.

However, some traditional range hoods are manually operated, and the range hood is located on the head of the human body and is easy to meet during operation. Over time, it is easy to drip oil and leak oil. Cleaning is frequent and inconvenient.


Maximize space savings

The integrated stove is integrated into one, and the lower exhaust design is adopted, which saves the space of the traditional wall-mounted range hood above. The environmental protection stove and the kitchen cabinet are integrated into one, and the decoration freedom is high, providing more space for the open modern kitchen. .

The traditional design of hanging range hood occupies the upper space of the kitchen. In order to protect the indoor environment, the kitchen must be isolated, and the space utilization rate is small. Most of the kitchens are now designed as balconies, and the installation is greatly restricted.


Really low noise

The lower exhaust design eliminates the noise source placed on the human head, and applies ultra-low, noise technology, motor silencing technology, and silent air duct design technology to truly achieve low noise.

However, some traditional range hoods work in the position of the human auditory organs, and the noise is high, and long-term operation in the kitchen can easily cause human upset, dizziness, tinnitus and dizziness.



Due to the use of side suction and downward exhaust technology, the smoke exhaust effect is more than 99%, there is no smoke fumes when cooking, and the steam will not spread while the room is not polluted by oil fume, which has the effect of environmental protection.

Some oil fumes from traditional kitchen equipment remain indoors, and the air in the room is foul. Long-term contact with oil fumes is not good for health and has poor environmental protection.


Healthy and pollution-free

Smoke does not enter the face of people, thus eliminating the factors that endanger human health!

However, some traditional range hoods and oil fumes spread seriously, rising everywhere, smoky and burning, polluting the indoor air, and frequent contact will lead to oily facial skin, large pores, and dullness. "Drunken oil syndrome", and even induce lung cancer, nose cancer and so on. Using the principle of micro-aerodynamics, the integrated stove uses the principle of micro-aerodynamics to draw and exhaust the air sideways, creating a negative pressure area, allowing the oil smoke to magically travel downstream. Especially in summer, you have to work in a very hot environment, and kitchen work in such an environment for a long time has become the enemy of human health.

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Is there any reason not to choose an integrated stove?

Integrated stove, also known as environmental protection stove or integrated environmental protection stove in the industry , integrated stove is a kitchen appliance that integrates various functions such as range hood, gas stove, disinfection cabinet, storage cabinet, etc. Low consumption and environmental protection , good smoke extraction effect, etc.

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