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1.Heyong patented burner ;
2.Bigger design, More beautiful;
3.Avoid scraping hand design of bottom panel;
4.Variable cut-out design;
5.Double coil flameout protection;
6.Zero second ignition function;
7.Design of waterproof make more clean.

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  MODEL :HGB101T<br>   Product Dimension:1150*500*1006mm<br>   Packing Dimension:910*480*535mm<br>   Loading Qty(20'40'GP/40'HQ):120/243/305pcs<br>   N.w./G.w.:20.5/23.9kg

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Model:HA4901G<br> 57cm hob with cast iron pan support<br> Stainless Steel panel<br> European burner(3.3kW) ×1<br> Rapid burner(1.75kW) ×2<br> Auxiliary burner(1.0kW) ×1<br> Panel Dimension(mm):700*520*0.7<br> Built-in Dimension(mm):572*485<br> Carton Dimension(mm):770*575*185<br> Loading quantity(pcs):<br> 20GP:372 40GP:756 40HQ:877

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Model:HC5981G<br> 76cm hob with cast iron pan support<br> Stainless Steel panel<br> Copper burner(4.5kW) ×1<br> Rapid burner(2.3kW) ×1<br> Semi-rapid burner(1.5kW) ×2<br> Auxiliary burner(1.0kW) ×1<br> Panel Dimension(mm):762*520*0.8<br> Built-in Dimension(mm):675*475<br> Carton Dimension(mm):850*585*200<br> Loading quantity(pcs):<br> 20GP:300 40GP:638 40HQ:710

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