European Burner

European Hob

1.Super firepower upper wind intake technology;
2.Tempered glass panel, three-layer explosion-proof, safer to use;
3.Rapid ignition, no need to keep pressing, fast and precise ignition in 0 second;
4.Clean and effortless, the most relaxing cooking guaranteed.

Oxygen-enriched Lotus Fire Series Gas Stove

Heyong Patent Burner Gas Hob

1、H961 completely upper wind inlet gas hob;

2、H802 double inner flame burner gas hob;

3、H661/H663 oxy-fuel burner gas hob.

Oxygen-enriched Lotus Fire Series Gas Stove
H802 Double Inner Flame Blue Fire Series Gas Stove

Gas Grill

1. Heyong patente dynamic appearance;

2. Electronic pulse ignition;

3. Flameout safety device;

4. 60 seconds done delicious pizza.



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Guangdong Heyong Electric Co., Ltd.

Guangdong Heyong Electric Co., Ltd.

We, Guangdong Heyong Electric Co.,Ltd., mainly focus on kitchen appliances unswervingly.we are independent, down-to-earth, and accumulated on our business. We insist on meeting customer needs and continuously innovating, firmly grasping the historical opportunities given bu the times. We insist on being technological innovating explorer, craftsman spirit pursuer, high-quality product maker,user satisfaction provider.


Quality Management System Certification

2010 Year

Company was founded on

500000 Units

Annual output of gas cooker

200000 Units

Annual output of gas oven

3 Tons

Annual output of sheet metal parts

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Heyong has always adhered to technological innovation and adhered to the spirit of craftsmanship
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